What To Look For When Searching For A New Marketing Agency

Several of our past blogs have looked at creating and maintaining a brand or campaign by the company who created it themselves. Such as our last blog referencing the meaning of colours when choosing a brand pallet. Many people may decide that they would much prefer to hire a marketing agency to handle these aspects of the business, so they can focus on different areas.

A company or an individual’s reasons for hiring a marketing agency will be completely unique to them. Before taking active steps to look for a new agency, you first must do an internal reflection. This will be to recognise why you need a new agency and what business goals and objectives they will be helping you fulfil.

Active Search

By reviewing our past and current client’s methods for searching out a marketing agency, we have compiled 3 main points to look out for when actively searching, to create a great working partnership with an agency that will help your business thrive.

Knowledge and Experience

The size of an agency has very little to do with how well it can help your business. The smallest marketing agency with more experience and knowledge will often be better than a larger agency that has neither of these traits.

Look to see if they have worked with companies in your industry before. Explore their website and look at their client base and testimonials. You can even ask the agency to provide referrals to back up the testimonials on their website.

Experience will provide the company with plenty of tools and resources that could benefit your business the way other agencies couldn’t. For example, if an agency has several years’ experience in a specific area, they will have multiple tools such as BuzzSumo, Hootsuite and Yoast to make this job easy and efficient for your business.

Knowledge of the industry your business is in will allow creativity to flow more easily within the agency. This means that they would spend less time researching and trying to understand the industry, and more time focused on creating an amazing campaign or brand for you.


One way to look at how good or bad an agency could be, is not only through their past projects, but how they currently advertise themselves. An agency who very rarely posts on social media could show a high workload, and therefore potentially less time for them to focus on your business.

When first meeting them face to face, look at how they hold themselves, the attitude they present in the room. Are they overconfident, friendly, approachable or maybe even rude? First impressions always matter on judging if you could have a good partnership. If they are too quiet and shy, it could mean they don’t have the confidence to do larger projects. If they sit and listen to your ideas and expand on them with ideas of their own, it could be a sign of a great partnership.

This will help determine the chemistry and type of relationship you will have. After all, you need to be able to interact with them on a human level to create a great campaign.


This is where you need to look at the realistic factors of hiring an agency. You will need to determine your budget. Many agencies might offer a commission basis, if so, how would this work for your company?  Other agencies will ask for a fixed price, can you afford the quote they give you and do you think it justifies what you are asking the agency to do.

Another aspect is distance. A crucial part of nurturing a relationship with your agency is face to face meetings on a pre-determined basis, such as monthly or bi-monthly etc. This would be a huge drain on your own resources and time if your business is based in Edinburgh, but you’ve hired a marketing agency in Worcestershire.

If you’re looking to hire a new marketing agency, then get in touch with our team at BrandRefinery.