Unpacking the Concept of De-Influencing

What are the pros and cons of de-influencing?

What is de-influencing?

De-influencing refers to the new trend in which popular influencers intentionally talk you out of buying products that they believe aren’t worth the hype. Now really, this is a contradiction in terms – but an interesting idea.

Especially with TikTok, a very short video can easily twitch your thumb and cause you to buy something you’ve never heard of before. Influencers are investing money into products that are shocking, innovative or potentially weird, to garner attention. But also to ward off others from buying unworthy products.

How could this change how customers shop from my business?

This is an interesting phenomenon as it is still keeping the power in the influencer’s hands. Even when “de-influencing”, they are influencing you on what you should buy. The impact of this is likely going to push consumers to do more research into what they buy, to qualify their purchase.

Not only does this show a shift in influencer tactics, but a further shift in consumer behaviour, with a conscious effort to shop more sustainably.

How can I ensure people trust my business?

Trust is vital when it comes to making conversions. You need to not only “sell” to your leads, but persuade them. Creating an engaging brand narrative and sharing cool features, reviews and garnering positive media and influencer attention are great ways of *showing* the value of your product.

Using audience interaction on social media is great to answer questions and get feedback. Sharing informative videos or posts will help gain visibility and give your leads multiple touchpoints to learn more about you. And of course, building credibility with relevant industry influencers too.

Relationship marketing is key to constructing a brand people care about and products that people value.

Become your brand’s own influencer

Influencers are a great support circle when you want your new product to blow up. Content creation is engaging, unique and is shared with a dedicated audience that loves the face behind the video. More and more, we are seeing this from brands themselves, creating video content which shares unique insights and personality behind the brand.

Content is as engaging as you make it. Why not test a few short form posts and see what the reception is like? Your audience can offer feedback on what they want to see and help build your strategy together.

How can I re-work my marketing strategy?

As influencers do, by following trends and ensuring you are matching your audience’s interests and values, your brand can flourish – it just takes some work and some unique ideas.

If you would like to discuss your marketing strategy in detail and learn more about how influencers and PR can help boost your campaign strategy, get in touch!