How to trademark a name

Protect your brand by securing a trade mark in UK

As per the UK Intellectual Property Office website, trade marks are the signs that distinguish your business from those of your competitors. Trade marks have intrinsic value attached to them thus it is very important to register a trade mark to secure your brand.

If you are wondering why you should consider registering a trademark in the UK then here are the top three reasons:

  • >Delaying the process of registering a trademark can run your business into risk of rebuilding a renamed brand.
  • There are very high chances of losing your reputation too as other owners can register their business with your trademark and imitate your business.
  • If you are seeking investors then registering a trademark can create a positive impact of perceived value of your business.

How to trademark a name?

You need to select the countries where you want to protect your trademark and use it. If you are planning a trademark UK then you will get protection England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In case you are planning to trade in other countries in Europe, BrandRefinery recommends you select the European Community Trademark which cover 28 countries including the UK.

How to apply for a trademark in the UK?

BrandRefinery can help you in applying for your trademark. Through our industry knowledge and IP partnerships, we can help to ensure that your application is filed correctly with the relevant Registry Office.

Here are the general steps that would be taken, please note that this is not a complete list, some stages have been omitted for the sake of clarity:

  • Selecting a trademark class from 45 available classes out of which 34 are for goods and 11 for services.
  • Apply to register your brand with UK or EU.
  • Compile your specification for approval and submit the application to Registry.
  • You are now able to use the TradeMark symbol (TM).
  • Application is examined by registry.
  • If accepted then Registrar proceeds with two months of advertisements to provide time for any third parties to raise opposition.
  • The Examiner will notify if any objections were raised by 3rd, the trademark gets registered for 10 years from the date of registration.
  • After the trademark is registered you can use the registered (®) symbol on the top right of trademark.

The entire process of registration can take around 6 months for UK and up to 12 months for European Community Trademark (ECT).

If you file your application on your own or with an inexperienced registration company then you can run into problems as there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary. The entire process is fairly complex and thus we advise you to seek help from an experienced solicitor in the first instance or trademark attorney who is familiar with the registration process.

BrandRefinery work very closely with one of the UK’s leading trademark advice and registration companies. We can advise you on your brand naming in the first instance, then help you to do a trademark search, co-ordinate the completion of your application and help to get your trademark registered in UK.

If you are ready to get started with your trademark application then speak to us.