Top resources for launching your product

So where do you start to make sense of your product launch strategy

Confused? Do you want first hand insight into how to create a supercharged product launch? And insider suggestions on winning ways to market a new product? Read on for our lowdown on must have resources for planning a triumphant take-off strategy in launching your product.

Active social networks

Social media plays an integral role in contemporary business and is an essential part of any product launch campaign. Before kicking off take the time to set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. You should also make sure they are regularly updated before, during and after the product debut.

Google AdWords

For any modern marketer Google AdWords is an invaluable asset. Use the tool to plan search network campaigns, determine what your customers are looking for and propel your product website onto the first page of Google, within the eyeline of searchers, without having to spend months working on an SEO campaign. The downside is that AdWords works like an auction system so when your budget has expired for the day, your advert will automatically switch off. No matter how much or how little you spend on PPC, when funds run out there is no residual footprint for your brand so it should always be used in conjunction with something more long term.

Survey Monkey

Want to gain quick and easy data on any given idea? Sign up for a free Survey Monkey account which allows you to ask 10 questions to 100 responders. If you feel the need to draw on more complex data you can sign up for a paid account or enlist the help of a professional market research group.


Most product launches involve a handful of individuals. Keep everyone up-to-date with a product specific Dropbox folder where every team member can share and access important information.

Outsourcing sites

Want to commission a logo, website or even product prototype on a budget ? Hitting up outsourcing sites such as Elance, People Per Hour or Odesk will have you sorted with a satisfactory solution in no time at all.

Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding is a multi-billion pound sector and with the right strategy it could fast-track your product to consumer shelves. If you do decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign take the time to write up a detailed brief and make sure you choose the right platform for your product.

Stock photo sites

Need to pretty up your launch campaign? Free and paid stock photo sites are a fantastic place to source high resolution images.

Industry blogs

Keep up-to-the-minute with all the latest product launch news by following some of the internet’s best blogs and websites. We love Kissmetrics, Mashable and Techworld.

An expert branding and product launch consultancy

While it can be tempting to go at it on your own enlisting the help of an expert branding and product launch consultancy can mean the difference between a best-selling product and a catastrophic disaster. Professional branding and product launch teams are armed with the industry knowledge and expertise that are required to drive your product to commercial success.

Armed with these resources you can empower yourself with the knowledge to create a galvanising product launch strategy that makes an impact.

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