New Product Development Infographic: Integrated approach

So, we listened to what you said.

After having the same bewilderment, confusion and uncertaintly expressed by several clients as to what, why and how the Product Development process interrelates with our Marketing services,  along with D2M Innovation, we decided to produce an infographic that (we hope) makes things a little clearer for all concerned with Product Development. 

Whilst this is not intended to cover every eventuality, or designed as a one size fits all schematic – it portrays the key decisions within every product development, and shows how a Marketing Agency based near Birmingham interfaces with a Product Development consultancy in Cheltenham. Hopefully… the inherent advantages become much clearer, as does the true scope of a typical product development.

Our Infographic loosely follows the Stage-Gate model, which was created by Product Innovation experts Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett in the US. However, our approach adopts a more direct approach when it comes to quantifying commercial market interest for our clients.

We’d love to hear what you think, please share our work as much as you wish, we hope it makes things a little clearer:


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  1. Susan A Carnaby
    17/09/2017 at 11:10 pm

    Where can I get that infographic for my high school Marketing class?

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