5 Costs to consider as a Startup Business: Tips from a Marketing and Startup Agency

As a startup agency, we know that many startup businesses want to know all the considerations they will face. From branding to communication channels

However, the top consideration we have as a startup agency is budget management. As a part of our product lunch services we act as a Start-Up Marketing Agency for newer businesses and have compiled a great list which details 5 costs to consider:

The infographic shows cost management is an important aspect for startups. At each stage of a business’ development, funds get spent. So, it is wise to identify all the places your budget will go and keep a finance book updated.

If you are looking to raise funds for your business, Crowdfunding might be right for you. Unsure of what crowdfunding is? We have a blog which outlines the basics.

Despite acting as a start-up marketing agency, we also specialise in Crowdfunding. We provide support in showing how to set-up a crowdfunding campaign, and what is need to make them a success. If you are looking to raise funds for your business then we have previous blogs looking into the types of crowdfunding as well as unusual reward and equity crowdfunding platforms for you to check out.

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