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Market Research

Market research is a means to an end. It is an often misunderstood process that can provide significant insight to help make your business more profitable and/or successful, whilst also contributing to increasing your competitive advantage.


We offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative market research services to organisations that are interested in receiving clear recommendations that lead to real business improvements. The recommendations we provide are action-focused, insightful and guaranteed. Our services span through research design, co-ordination & analysis to address both your consumer and business-to business needs.


Our experience spans primary, secondary and desk research and combines qualitative and quantitative research experience across both domestic and international territories.


  • Market feasibility / entry assessment
  • Customer focus groups
  • Field research
  • Desk (secondary) research
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Competitor profiling
  • International expansion assessments
  • Custom research, as required

Recent Projects Include:

, Market Research
Wearable technology

Primary Research

Wearable technology

Primary Research

Conducting Primary Field Research To Assess Consumer Demand For An Innovative Wearable Children’s Device. 

, Market Research
Market entry strategy

International Research

Market entry strategy

International Research

Planning And Executing US Focused Research To Conduct A Series Of Telephone Interviews With Key Industry Influencers Regarding A New Product Proposition 

, Market Research
Multi-country assessment

International Expansion

Multi-country assessment

International Expansion

Conducting Secondary Desktop Research To Assess Multi-Country Market Characteristics To Help Determine Entry Strategy For A Major Aviation Services Provider.

Our Typical Research Process:

  • 1

    Define Research Objectives

    At this stage, we need to clearly understand how the research will be used to inform strategic choices and therefore avoid any unnecessary effort.

  • 2

    Design Research Project

    Create research questions and research plan to obtain the information required to meet the agreed objectives from the previous stage.

  • 3

    Data Collection

    Implement the research plan as appropriate; Administer surveys; organise focus groups & interviews; engage in participant observation sessions.

  • 4

    Analyse & Report

    Incorporate data into prototype report and develop clear, actionable set of recommendations. Report back directly through presentation session.



Desk / secondary research is usually commissioned first, in order to assess what is already known about the subject in question – there is no point spending money on new research if answers to many of your questions are already known.

Then fully-probed qualitative research is commissioned (e.g. using focus groups or depth interviews) to understand the range of views, opinions, and feelings towards the issues you need addressed. Lastly, quantitative is commissioned to provide statistically-robust evidence on which reliable decision can be made.

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday

, Market Research


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