We are a Digital Marketing Agency

The digital marketing landscape presents both huge opportunity and challenges.

At it’s best, digital marketing is a crafted blend of analysis and creativity that predictably, and measurably, delivers a return on investment. A viable option that can be melded to the scale of your business, where it involves small start-ups, local businesses, large spanning enterprises or businesses expanding their marketing. 

BrandRefinery, Digital Marketing Agency UK, is a marketing company dedicated to navigating these waters with you. As a UK Marketing Agency, we drive insight and direct action into your campaign via our broad range of digital marketing services. We traverse both traditional and new forms of media creation and distribution, harnessing the opportunities presented by the new digital spectrum to ensure that campaigns resonate with the target audience.

We bring gathered insight and deliver highly targeted campaigns using our expertise across digital marketing strategy, inbound marketing, social media management, PPC content & paid media, social advertising, influencer marketing, UX and UI. 

As a creative agency, we are equipped with solutions for start-ups & small businesses as well as established organisations. We have worked with brands across B2B tech and SaaS content marketing, new product launches, crowdfunding campaigns and audience building. 



Our Google certified team can help to craft the right balance between creative and conversion for your paid search campaign.


We can help define, design and deliver paid social advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.


We can deliver Ecommerce and informational websites, typically involving customising WordPress or Shopify to suit client needs. 


Our skillsets can be combined into an integrated package of online and offline marketing services to support a product launch. 


BrandRefinery have taken on several projects for BIPVco recently and we have been impressed with their level of service, quality of concept and ability to deliver on time. Their hands on approach and creative problem solving has been most helpful.
Justin Canning
Chief Commercial Officer
BrandRefinery have been instrumental in developing a steady stream of opportunities for infoHealth. As a result of working with BrandRefinery to raise awareness of our product with NHS Acute Trusts we have acquired approximately 15% of the market place. BrandRefinery are very approachable and quickly build an excellent rapport . I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for their marketing services.
Carl Evans
InfoHealth Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is the process of connecting the perfect customer with the perfect brand, through online promotion of their products or services. 

This includes social media content management, paid advertising, email marketing, branding and wider multi-media support. Digital Marketing is cross-platform and ever expanding to suit the changing requirements of consumers all over the world. 

To us, Digital Marketing is all about connections, whether that be connecting people to products, or connecting copy, visuals, call-to-actions together to create vibrant, optimised campaigns. Connecting real people to real brands, digitally.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we offer a wide range of intersecting services to suit your project’s needs. This includes creative content creation, social media and advertising management, website and e-commerce development, product launch and PPC & SEO.

We can offer an end-to-end campaign process from strategy to validation to launch, or if preferred, we can quote for individual services, consultation or campaign support.

If you have a particular service or skill-set you are looking for, feel free to drop us an email to discuss.

For a full launch management campaign, we would typically break this down into 5 phases, from Research & Strategy, to Asset Building, Testing and Validation to Database Building and Project Launch. 

We like to offer the product validation stage for fully managed campaigns, to get a clear idea of the target audience, existing market, wider strategy and ball-park metrics from our test advertising. Based on the results of our testing, we can gauge an approximate figure for pre-launch advertising budget and predicted campaign success.

Since every project is unique, we offer a flexible approach. We can combine phases if required, amend our offering or manage particular phases if you have some elements already in place.

We would be happy to discuss our typical processes and your campaign requirements further to find the perfect strategy.

Typically we prefer to include a validation period before an advertising campaign to confirm the target market and audience demographics. 

This also allows us to test the reception of the brand through test advertising, and gauge general interest and calculate potential ROI ahead of a larger advertising spend.

We would measure the success of a campaign by comparing our results against our testing, predictions and project goals. 

Throughout the testing, we will review and amend content where necessary to ensure that it is optimal for the target audience.

You can see examples of our previous work on our dedicated Work page here. 

We would be more than happy to discuss our experience and potential opportunity with you on a call.

Please get in touch with us to get a detailed quote on our service costs.

We can discuss our typical process and identify the key offerings you need to meet your goals and quote accordingly.

It is worth noting that we are charging for our work, this does not include your advertising budget. Advertising costs will typically be charged directly to the platform you are advertising on e.g. Meta, Google, LinkedIn.

When it comes to advertising spend, this can be flexible based on your available budget and wider objectives. 

We recommend an initial test advertising period ahead of a launch, which allows us to ascertain which visuals, copy, placement etc. work best for your brand before committing a larger budget.

After the testing period, we will make recommendations for the next steps of the campaign, using these testing results as a framework for our ROI predictions.

PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click, a form of paid advertising that boosts your content to the top of a user’s search engine results. Typically you pay to appear when certain keywords or phrases are searched. As in the name, you pay for each time the user clicks on your website from a paid search ad.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation; this is the process of optimising your web content for search engine trawlers to pick up relevant keywords, links and generally check your site is credible.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency who can provide both of these services, get in touch to learn more about how we can support you.

We offer many areas of support when it comes to website development.

Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Website structure and design
  • Website building and development
  • E-Commerce building and maintenance
  • App development
  • UX/UI review process
  • SEO support or consultation
  • Copy-writing and content creation
  • Domain and web hosting service & support
  • Website compliance and policy creation
  • Email marketing integration

We can tailor our offering to support your website requirements. We can also provide on-going SEO optimisation after the website development on a retained basis if desired.

See our Website and E-Commerce page.