Is Crowdfunding right for your business?

If you’re considering crowdfunding as a route to grow your business, before you commit to investing the time and resources into building a campaign, it’s vital to understand the chances of success and the challenges ahead to ensure it’s a journey worth travelling.

As a leading UK crowdfunding consultancy, we have developed this bespoke service to answer some of the following typical questions our clients have when considering launching a crowdfunding campaign:

  • What are the chances of success?

  • How much advertising budget will we need?

  • How do we access the crowdfunding community, not just our usual customers?

  • How did X competitor raise X million selling a product that’s inferior to ours?

  • How do we structure our funding targets?

  • How do we smash our target on day 1?

  • We have an app – how do we figure out valuable reward tiers for something intangible?

  • What are the key challenges/obstacles in our way & how will we mitigate them?

  • What influencers should we consider targeting & why?

  • How will we know if the pre-launch is working?

After we have developed a tailored research brief that addresses your key questions regarding crowdfunding, we then develop a research-based report & set of recommendations about proceeding.

This final report may recommend crowdfunding or propose an alternative strategy to meet your business goals if we feel crowdfunding is not appropriate for the business.