So you have a product to launch…what’s the next step?


Let’s launch. If you are an entrepreneur experiencing the intense spiral of thoughts that accompany product launch preparation, look no further. We have put together a list of assets and actions you need to have and take before launching your product.

We hope that by breaking down each element, you will have everything you need to implement your launch strategy.


So, you have a product. Your first step is, who is your audience? Or more specifically, who do you think they are? It is essential that you not only know your target audience but are correct in your assumptions. 

finding your audience crowd test advertising before product launch


Optimising your landing page will ensure that the reader is presented with the key information first. Expand on particular product details, brand values and explain where to purchase. Check out our blog on creating a compelling brand narrative, here. The more organic keywords on your landing page, the better! Make sure you answer all Frequently Asked Questions on the landing page or via your social media. 

High quality, attractive photos of your product are ideal to instil instant trust in your customer. If not high-quality renders are okay in the meantime. Especially if you are crowdfunding, building trust from your potential backers is key. If your pitch seems underdeveloped and unlikely to succeed, the backing is less likely. 


Without fail, we consistently recommend and highlight the importance of a test advertising phase before going to market. It is important to gauge the typical activity of your audience, comparing this to wider industry benchmarks. Adjust your branding and copy accordingly to optimise your campaign for potential leads. Read more about the benefits of test advertising in our previous blog here.

By keeping tabs on your competitors and their strategy, you can easily build on this. Play to their strengths and weaknesses, directly standing apart from the competition.

test advertising ab testing market research strategy


Test advertising gives a good basis for the actual launch, and some initial metrics to base your engagement on. It also allows you to create a bank of relevant keywords that could boost your SEO ranking. Also, explore further unique or long-tail keywords to reach less populated search areas. Hubspot discusses what to prioritise when sourcing keywords for your brand.


Influencer endorsement can make the biggest difference, especially for start-up brands trying to reach a wider audience. It is good to contact influencers and news sources early into the pre-launch process. You could offer review products, sponsorships or simply tip off a publication to plant the product within its industry. 

Any early reviews are beneficial for the credibility of the brand, and media coverage will additionally provide backlinks to your website. Writing a press release is great to ensure your product is reaching the right eyes and ears, distributing it to relevant industries. Don’t forget to liaise with distribution companies early on so you have an idea of timing, pricing and industries to target. 

Furthermore, if you are considering crowdfunding, which platform are you planning on using? It might be worth reaching out to the relevant platform’s team to discuss the process and review your pitch. They may be able to offer support at different stages of your campaign.

influencer media outreach for social media engagement endorsement reviews


Branding is essential to how your company is perceived, and what impression it gives off. Regardless of what they are sharing, if you see red and white, your mind tends to associate — Coca Cola. This is an example of not only iconic branding, but highly consistent branding, leading to a very recognisable corporate image. If your social media is irregular and randomly arranged, it is harder to see the coherent theme of the brand. This may appear less professional to a potential lead. 

Your brand’s values and external goals need to be clear across all aspects of your brand. This can be demonstrated through your copy, your advertising and through your landing page. 


When preparing to launch, check that you have all the necessary tools and platforms you need ready to go. For example social scheduling software, a graphic design platform, affiliate marketing or trackers such as Google analytics or Facebook pixel.

launch tools strategy scheduling database analytics crowdfunding


It is helpful to sketch out a social strategy before creating your first social media posts. Ensure that you are consistent, on-brand and varied. By providing relevant insights every time you post, you can increase the chance of users following you to learn more.

Timing is everything, ensure that your social media is reaching its audience at optimum times, and that you are launching at an ideal time of year for your market. Read about our thoughts on Christmas advertising here.

Mix up your content to share relevant details, whether they’re promotional, factual, product-based, team-oriented or articles from endorsements; growing a wider image of what your brand is like and what their values are. Why do you do what you do?


Any big news for your team is potentially big news for your audience. Regularly update your audience on your progress. This could be via social media or email marketing. It will not only keep them up to date with progress but keep your brand in their mind’s eye. They will also be more alert for promotions later down the line. Increase communication up until launch to ensure your database has all the information they need to convert to a sale. 

updating a database engagement email marketing


Having a good following on social media is one thing, but having an engaged audience is another level. If you regularly share interesting content and engage with your audience, they will be encouraged to do the same. The more acclimated to your brand they are, the more likely they are to purchase, share or recommend to others. This will also boost your visibility on social media. Learn more about sourcing engagement for your project in our previous blog here. You have a database – use it!

brand ready to launch product project optimised


Hopefully this provides some food for thought if you are currently in the motions of product launch preparation. 

Get in touch if you are interested in support at any stage of your launch. Email us or call our office on 01905 928485.

Good luck!