Launching Innovative LED safety solutions into the construction industry

WHI Safeguard is an innovative LED safety lamps supplier who design and manufacture products for the construction industry. WHI Safeguard approached us to help develop a brand, packaging and a website to support their launch into the market for their initial product range.

Creating an innovative safety brand in a traditional space

WHI Safeguard had initially identified and developed two new products that would be introduced into the construction safety lighting space. Both products brought usability, lifespan and efficiency improvements that would help position the new brand as an innovator in the field. Our first challenge was to help create a brand that portrayed innovation, along with developing a number of additional collaterals such as packaging, social channel branding and their website.



Market Research


Website Development


Video Production

Investor Marketing

A brand that breaths Innovation

WHI Safeguard developed a range of LED safety lights that retrofitted to existing equipment, including cones, scaffolding and bulkheads. These lights to provided superior visibility and value compared with what is currently on the market.

Extremely professional brand development agency with very responsive staff.

They’ve always been available to offer support when needed, and happy to make web updates in an efficient and timely fashion.”

Stephen Hooper