Launching the World's First Sustainable Silk Skincare Products

After 8 years of scientific research and 10 filed patents, Silk Active developed the worlds first chemical free sustainable raw yellow silk production process that also contained the world’s highest purity of the proteins Sericin & Lutein – scientifically proven to reduce the visual ageing process. Based in Thailand and backed by a £15M investment from the Thai government, Silk Active approached us to help them launch their range of products into the EU beauty industry.

Balancing science with strategy

Our challenge was clear – we needed to translate the heavyweight scientific backbone of the project into a relevant and meaningful strategy and messaging campaign that the European beauty industry buyer would understand and be attracted to.

We believed that at the core of the brand was a balanced message between science and sustainability that the target Gen-X consumer would be drawn to, whilst we felt that the supporting scientific evidence of the improvement of reductions in visual ageing was important, it risked overshadowing the incredible achievement of sustainable mass silk production if made too central. 



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A brand that breathes sustainability

We produced a range of content to convey the balance between science and sustainability in the product range. The star of the show was the Silk Worm, who’s lifecycle was illustrated in the adjacent image.

The sustainable manufacturing process of obtaining silk was incorporated in the image to allow Silk Active to explain the brand heritage and production method in a single image. Our campaign resulted in a fantastic Market response, with our client developing several distribution opportunities across the EU into high street and online retail.

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