Creating a Global Army

A top European rugby team, Munster Rugby wanted to identify new strategies to better connect with their global supporter base and create a global ‘Red Army’.

‘To the brave and faithful, nothing is impossible’

The club’s motto, is brought alive by their incredible fans.

Munster Rugby approached us to help them explore the existing relationship they had with their supporters and identify a series of initiatives for future supporter engagement strategies that could be delivered both digitally and on match day to build a committed global army of 100,000 subscribers.

BrandRefinery provided external support and insight into researching and developing the new supporter engagement strategies, whilst also objectively challenging some of the existing methods to enable a holistic process and the development of a more robust strategy.

Through a series of cross-functional internal meetings and a combination of social media interaction, email surveys, focus groups and supporter interviews, we helped to identify and develop a number of new initiatives that provided a road map to grow both domestic & international fan bases based on value added experiences, both at the stadium and from supporters’ homes.



Market Research

Marketing Strategy

Listening to the fans

The outcome of the research recommended and prioritised a set of insightful and specific membership products and services for Munster Rugby to develop for the forthcoming season. This gave Munster Rugby the tools to help them connect and engage with both their domestic and wider supporter base to satisfy their wider corporate performance objectives. 

The project delivered key insights into improving supporter engagement, both at home and abroad, through the creation of innovative new supporter engagement initiatives.


Surveys Sent

Across social media, e-mail and online surveys. 


For Munster Rugby to take forward.

BrandRefinery were superb project partners for us. They work exceptionally hard at understanding a business and applying the right strategy to reach that businesses goal. They were diligent and hugely capable partners who added major value to a key project.

Paul Ring