Launching careers to new heights through A.I. algorithms

JobRocket speeds up the job search process by optimising every CV that is uploaded to the website. CVs are scanned against tens of thousands of job positions from top leading UK job boards and a match score is provided which indicates how closely the skills, experiences, and qualifications line up. The uploader is then given recommendations on how to improve their score for their CV and thus, have a better chance of securing their dream job.

The team at JobRocket first came to us with little more than their A.I. and asked how it could be implemented in a way for job seekers and recruiters to utilise. We designed the brand, JobRocket, and all imagery to go along with the name. Next, we set about creating the website map, search functionality and optimisation logistics to an easy online user-journey. Snappy videos were next; storyboards were designed, and animations were made. along with social media posts to build an audience and draw in early users. Influencer outreach was conducted,and exhibitions were attended to further help the JobRocket name get out to recruiter world.

'Up until we found Brandrefinery, our Website did not reflect what we do at JobRocket, and it didn’t have a connection to the service we provide. Instead of being daunted, the Brandrefinery team were excited and took it all in their stride through the whole rebranding process. Brandrefinery's involvement, uncovered key insights that delivered a clear positioning and direction with the end result being a website with a striking new look and feel that went past what we were anticipating. Even though it is early days, we have gotten incredible initial feedback on our new brand design and Website, which will without a doubt have a business sway in the future. I'd be exceptionally glad to suggest Brandrefinery.'
Moses M
Founder & CEO





Retail Technology 


Autumn, 2018


Branding, Design, Digital