Nothing could be worse than losing a child.

Tech Entrepreneur, Andrew Purcell lost his daughter for a harrowing few minutes in a busy urban centre. The experience left Andrew determined to develop a discreet solution that would put Parent’s mind at ease if the worst should happen. At the time of development, Child Angel was the smallest and smartest child locator in the world. Now partnered with Intel and Bosch, the wearable device provides safe and stable location monitoring by combining GPS, Wi-Fi & GSM hot-spot triangulation technologies. 

Brand building from the ground up

Child Angel initially approached us to carry out a market feasibility study to determine product-market fit and customer feedback to the initial concept.

Our findings validated the market opportunity and the decision was made to invest in prototype development. We have since provided branding, packaging, website development and ongoing marketing consultancy.

Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with coverage from the BBC and several national US TV Channels, Child Angel captured the industry’s attention when it came to initially defining smart wearable technology.



Market Research



Digital Marketing

Website Development

Packaging Development

Content Management

Application design and testing

Along with the wearable product, we helped to roadmap and design the application that would be installed onto parents smartphones after purchasing the device.

The app extended the brand experience onto a physical platform that presented a number of new challenges regarding the user experience. We helped to address these through repeated UX testing with the Bosch digital tech team and direct customer feedback. 

BrandRefinery have been the ultimate professionals – reliable, hard-working and crucially, we trust them with our brand.

Their attention to detail and ethos of ‘deliver what you promise’ have remained consistent throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any ambitious tech start-ups that want a marketing partner and not just a supplier. 

Andrew Purcell

CEO & Founder
Child Angel