Crowdfunding to help young people talk about grief

More than 100 children lose a parent every day in the UK.

Grief counselling is expensive, and is not accessible or appealing to many young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a result, more young people are turning to social media to process their grief.

Apart of Me provides young people with a safe space to grieve, where they can hear from others who know how it feels and find strength and wisdom. A unique experience that talks their language, whenever they need, in a format they understand, designed specifically for them.

Using game design principles to provide a highly engaging, always-available healing space for grieving young people, it helps families talk, builds emotional resilience, and provides a safe space to store digital memories of loved ones.



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Making the intangible, tangible

One challenge we needed to address was that what was being offered through the crowdfunding campaign was essentially, a digital experience that could not actually be experienced without the Crowdfunding funds to enable it. The value of a digital experience, not yet realised, is a difficult concept to add fiscal value through a Crowdfund, particularly when the brand is also relatively unknown. In collaboration with the AoM team, we helped to craft a set of compelling experiences, both physical and digital, that gave weight to the reward tiers and enabled the campaign’s viability.

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BrandRefinery brought a huge amount of clarity and direction to us as we entered into a confusing field that we had no experience of. There were lots of ‘crowdfunding advisors’ that wanted to support us, but none of them came anywhere near to BrandRefinery¬† in terms of being able to distill a complex project about a sensitive subject and generate a tailored strategy for the campaign, as opposed to falling into a more formulaic approach that others were offering. Their knowledge of both crowdfunding and marketing in general is first class. I feel totally confident in recommending them to anyone considering them.

Louis Weinstock