New Year, New Direction?

Step into the New Year…ready

With 2022 looming like a neon sign, it is a great time to reflect on company performance in the last 12 months and work out a strategy for the new year. 

Being your own critic is a hard game, but also a really beneficial one, especially when some of the biggest changes for your business can be the easiest. Often implemented by your own team or investment in a new tool or service. Take New Year, New You and offer up New Year, Next Steps instead.

Like in The Great Gatsby, we can all see the distant green light of our hopes and desires for the future, however, the best way is to press the green light on a new project and get stuck into it.

Break it down

We recommend the trusty pro and con list, what areas have worked well this year, and where could some changes be made? If you’re in the early stages of launch, it might be worth seeking a third-party perspective on which aspects are working best. Check out our previous blog post on accepting criticism here.

This could be ensuring your key brand values are coming across in your copy; your social media is relevant; your advertising audiences are specifically targeted or your branding is fresh and consistent. 

Set new goals

It is time for a revolution, not only making resolutions but actioning them in achievable ways. Set your company goals for the coming year, do these seem realistic? If your team feel that they are over-ambitious, it might be worth researching some new tools to add to your tech stack. Share the load! For example, a scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Later, or a chatbot plugin like ChatFuel to assist with first-line enquiries. 

setting goals for the new year, such as website renovation, market research, campaign planning, adopting new tools

New year and fresher pastures

With the ever-growing number of social media users, it might be time for you to find a new corner of the field. Consider, who is your target audience and where are you most likely to find them? Check out our previous post on sourcing an audience here. Targeting is incredibly important when it comes to launching a product, there’s no use shouting into the void if you don’t have relevant audience parameters in place. Personalisation is key.

For a new project, the New Year is a great time to affirm your plans and prepare for when Christmas advertising costs go back down. With the influx in advertising in the Winter months, it’s hard to gauge realistic expectations for later on. Read our thoughts on festive advertising here.

These months are always a good time to recuperate, take stock and make some changes. We often recommend this period to invest in your website. What is your customer journey like? Conduct any market research or fresh new campaigns in the New Year. 

using the New Year as a time to build a database and learn more about your audience, or prepare new personalised campaigns

Whatever your method, we believe that you can do it! Be the change you want to see in your work. 

If you are looking for any assistance at any stage, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

From all of us here at BrandRefinery, we wish you Happy Holidays and an exciting and successful New Year!