Quick and Easy Marketing Strategies for Startups

Being a new startup company, it can be overwhelming to look at the various ways to market yourself

Many marketing tactics require a large amount of time investment, a large budget or a lot of manpower. This blog will investigate some alternative but still effective marketing strategies for startups that are quick and easy.

Make full use of relevant social media channels

The use of social media marketing for startups can be a fantastic way to advertise yourself. First decide what brand image you want to portray online and build your profiles around that image (We have a few blogs to help out with creating a strong brand image, a great logo and colour usage in branding. The major social channels to use are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, a company LinkedIn profile may also be beneficial.

Once your accounts are created and branded, get to work reaching out to individuals who relate to your brand. Are you a clothing company? Then reach out to those showing an interest in fashion. Each platform has search functions to help find the audience best for you, and most platforms now embrace the use of hashtags to build communities of like-minded people. Use these to your advantage!

Attend local networking events

Similar to reaching out through social media, the same can be done in-person. Research local networking events that are relevant to your business and see if you can attend some. Many local events are free to attend and just require a pre-booking. This tactic may take longer than others but the potentiality of meeting someone who takes an interest in what you do and establishing a point of contact can be very beneficial down the line.

Overall, networking events allow you to do two great things. The first being getting your company name out there and spread-out amongst the various communities. The second being the ability to make useful contacts that your business can use. Using the clothing example again, while networking at a fashion expo, you could bump into various potential retailers for your products.

Ensure you make the most of a website

Having a social network is great, but you will want to do something with all the contacts you make. This is why it is extremely important to also have your own company website. As it is your website, you get choose how it looks. If you want a gallery to show off of your products, then you can. Your website will become the virtual hub for all things your brand!

If you are far enough along in your business ventures, you can incorporate an ecommerce store for viewers to purchase what you are selling. You can also incorporate a website plugin to collect email addresses of your site users to build up a database for future email marketing. Once your website is built make sure it is inline with all GDPR compliances and that privacy policies are clearly stated.

Finally, websites can be used to gain traffic through content and SEO. Consider having a blog and utilising keywords that will help have your wesbite shown higher in search engines. You can learn more about SEO in a previous blog of ours.

Invest into Google Ads

It may be beneficial to look into some Google Ads advertising. Google allow you to operate on a pay per click system where you allocate a budget and have your company adverts plastered across the internet, in the locations of your choosing. Extensive analytics are available to aid users in making sure that the adverts are displayed to the right people at the right time.

Reports are provided by Google to show where your money is being spent, how many views your adverts are getting, and the traffic they drive. You set the budget and only pay what you set, which makes Google Ads a great tool for startup marketing.

Utilise press releases to your advantage

An effective strategy can include writing press releases. Take time to research different writers of various forums, magazines, blogs, newspapers etc. who are looking for press releases and send them yours. Many of these publications are looking for content to post and will distribute press releases free of charge.

When sending out a press release, there are a couple things to remember. Most importantly is to make sure your press release is actually interesting. Just giving updates about your business progress is not going to be interesting for readers. Try to imagine what you would peak your interest as an average citizen and write about that. Secondly, keep it concise and snappy. do not write pages and pages as most publications just want content to help fill space. The ideal length is 300 to 400 words (about one A4 side).

Press releases can be a great tool to raise awareness of your brand with little time and expenses, if done correctly.

Overall, startup marketing does not need to be expensive or overly time-consuming. There are a great many tactics for smaller businesses to use when marketing themselves.

If you are a startup business looking for help with your marketing, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.