Leveraging Social Media for Business Growth

Happy Social Media Day!

Social media is a great tool to share engaging content and valuable information with your audience. Not only to promote your brand, but to build a brand narrative and create a trusting relationship with your followers.

The role of social media is constantly changing, with new updates and features being introduced all the time. Followers don’t only want to be sold to, they want to build a genuine connection and see brands changing with the times. 

Especially on Social Media Day, we wanted to share some ways that you can use social media to your advantage. By using a mixture of soft promotion you can build a trusting relationship with your followers which leads to brand loyalty.

Using Video Content to Build a Story

It is well known by now that the role video content plays has completely changed in recent years. Video is a fantastic tool to capture your audience’s attention and offer insightful snippets of information, without boring the user. The rise of short form content has developed a desire for quick and snappy information that tells you exactly what you need to know. 

Furthermore, it also builds a stronger relationship with your audience learning more about your products, founders and behind-the-scenes process. Video allows you to share more granular details about what you do, which adds up to a strong view of who your team are and what your brand offers. It is all about making a story around your brand.

Behind-the-Scenes Updates and Live Streams

Especially if you are willing to show the face or faces behind the brand, sharing business updates is a great way to share new details and personalise users’ experience with your brand. Using personal features such as live streams are a great way to leverage interest, for example for updates, product releases and behind-the-scenes tours or reveals.

Live streams are also a great way to digitise in-person events and give insight for customers that can’t attend your events or conventions you are visiting.

Customer Interactivity via Social Media Stories and Posts

Fostering customer interaction is a great way to attract attention but furthermore, get feedback on your marketing strategy. Utilising social media features such as Q&As, polls and quizzes are a great way to source engagement, but also get personal interactions from your audience.

Further to this, interactive activities such as giveaways and competitions are helpful to build or expand your following, and find new potential leads. This is a good example of how social media can create a sense of community around your brand and create a loyal following.

Jumping onto Social Media Trends

Staying up-to-date with current media trends is a great way to boost visibility and uncover new audiences. For example, via short form video trends, using popular meme formats or trending music. These are all easy ways to jump on the bandwagon and find new leads, as they will be actively looking at and for this content. Read our blog about how Instagram has changed in recent years.

Where possible, we recommend building new trends into your social media strategy to show that you are interested in what your customers are interested in.

Engaging with Social Media Influencers to Build Credibility

In a world that is increasingly reliant on digital communication, influencers are making a huge impact on how we consume and shop the marketplace. We are not only buying things we need, we are buying things we like, find interesting, find funny or ridiculous. Influencers take on that expense for you, and persuade you whether something is worth buying.

Influencer culture definitely has it’s negatives, however the value of its’ impact on your business is worth the investment. Social media influencers are beneficial to help boost your brand’s validity, worth and share positive affirmations around your products.

What are you waiting for?

Social media is a fantastic tool to boost your brand’s online presence and achieve your business goals. When coupled with a detailed multi-channel marketing strategy, a strong brand message and some optimised curated content, your brand can go far. 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of social media marketing or creating a wider digital marketing strategy in more detail, get in touch. BrandRefinery are a Digital Marketing and Product Launch agency with a wide range of experience in the industry.