7 Digital Marketing Ideas to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

What’s the big idea?

Idea after idea. In the digital age, unique ideas are like gold dust. Gold is rare, but can easily be copied. This leads to an over-saturation of the market, meaning that buyers struggle to know which version to choose. 

Breaking the mould

Standing out in a crowded market is tough, but by creating a valuable and relevant experience for your consumer, they will clearly understand what makes your brand different from the rest.

As a UK-based Digital Marketing agency, we have seen it all. The best ideas and the less so. Sometimes, an idea just needs a clear strategy, an understanding of their brand goals, and the right person to discover it. 

Happy National Ideas Month!

It’s National Ideas Month at the moment, the perfect time to form new ideas, and share them too. Here are 7 tips from us to push your content strategy forward and stand out from your competitors.

1. Personalisation

Personalisation is a two pronged approach. It is important to personalise your brand strategy and show a bold, inventive brand identity from the off. Not only, so people remember your name or your logo, but so they reflect on the valuable experience they had with your brand.

On the other side of the coin, personalising your content for your target audience is of equal, if not more value. Your audience wants to feel that the content they are seeing is personal to them, that what you’re offering is something you can share with them and complements their interests and values.

2. Video marketing

Especially with the popularity of TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, video is a fantastic tool to attract and retain your target audience. Short form content both attracts and holds the eye, due to its snappy format and visual appeal.

Dynamic content allows the consumer to view your product in a more transformative way, seeing exactly what it does and how it works. They are highly shareable, can retain attention for longer and create an emotional connection. On top of this, they boost SEO too!

3. Influencer marketing

In the modern world of influencing, and now, de-influencing – people’s opinions matter to the wider public. The input or commendation of significant online personalities can be an asset to your marketing campaign. 

By setting aside a budget for influencer investment, you can get relevant influencers involved to shout about your product. This can be a long game, as influencers are often highly selective, however the return on investment and general word of mouth advertising your campaign will receive is great.

4. Interactivity

Consumers really enjoy experiences that incorporate a level of interactivity. These could be through giveaways, quizzes, polls, live content, VR experiences or launch events. Even opening up the floor to comments on social media is a great way to get engagement and get to know what your audience wants.

By engaging with users on your posts and stories, you can gauge their opinions on your upcoming changes and get valuable feedback and statistics on user reach and engagement.

5. Social advertising

Social advertising is a good way to find your niche and build an audience of relevant and engaged individuals. This can be a wide scale campaign, or a series of short A/B tests to get initial impressions and statistics ahead of a wider launch. Digital advertising is great for both, getting quick sales, but also building valued long-term relationships with customers.

Plus, this is a useful method to gauge interest, and build a database of potential customers ahead of a launch, using test advertising and email to share exclusive information about what’s coming soon.

6. Value loyalty

Regardless of whether a lead has followed you for a week or 5 years, valuing loyalty is important when it comes to building lasting relationships with your audience. By sharing exclusive content, updates, discounts or interactive insights into the brand, the customer is going to feel part of a bigger experience. From this, they may continue to show interest and support you when they can.

Email marketing is a great way to provide this, also platforms such as Facebook groups. If you are in the crowdfunding space, you can share updates directly to your backers via the platform you choose.

7. Using competitors’ ideas to your advantage

Research and strategy are some of the seminal steps when it comes to building an authentic marketing campaign. This gives you a good insight into the industry as it stands and the potential to move into the space. It gives you clear indicators of who your competitors are and how you differentiate yourselves.

By clearly defining your original stamp, you can ensure that your content stands out and goes that extra mile. This could be through a unique selling point, clever copy or a competitive price.  Furthermore, valuing loyalty and offering exclusive products or discounts often communicates this differentiation to the audience. We would never say to copy a competitor, but reviewing their content and identifying your separate unique selling point is a valuable step.

Image shows competitors on two halves of the image. One is blue and one is read. Demonstrates the value of new ideas

Standing out from the crowd

From personalisation and influencer marketing to social advertising and valuing loyalty, there are various ways to break the mould and offer a unique and memorable experience to your existing customers and potential audience. 

It is important to remember that the key to success is not just implementing these strategies but also in understanding your target industry and audience and tailoring the approach to suit your brand specifically. With the right strategy and the right team, businesses can not only stand out in the crowded digital marketplace but also build lasting relationships with their customers.

Turn your ideas into a reality

If you are planning a marketing campaign and need help crafting your next big idea, please get in touch to learn more about how we can support you.