Helping You Grow: BrandRefinery and the Start-up Community

Start-ups are our thing

As a digital marketing agency, we have worked with a wide range of start-ups and brands over the years, offering bespoke support from strategy to validation to design.

However, our hearts truly lie with the start-up community.

Our favourite projects to work on are projects where you can see the potential shining out. When the founders show true excitement and deep investment in their work.

New brand, new strategy

Here at BrandRefinery, we now have over 10 years of experience working with start-ups. We love being able to bridge the gap between an idea and actualisation. 

We work with start-ups to formulate new ideas, new strategies and new designs; giving start-ups the best chance to go far.

Our office is based in Great Malvern, but our work spans much further, working with businesses across the globe. 

Local partnerships with some of the best

Honing in a little closer to home – we have ongoing partnerships with some fantastic local organisations in the heart of Worcestershire.

We work closely with local business accelerators and networks such as BetaDen and WINN, providing marketing support and mentorship. 

Our partnerships are created with local organisations that want to nurture start-ups in the same way we do, then give them the tools they need to succeed.

Our key focus is product launch, however we work with businesses at many different stages of their journey.

We thought today as something a little bit different, we would highlight some of the excellent projects we have worked on recently through our mentorship process. 


BrandRefinery works closely with BetaDen, Worcestershire’s first dedicated technology accelerator.

Their programme helps local start-ups to scale their business, with specialist expertise, resources and support. The package offers bespoke support and exclusive funding, worth over £50k. 

The BR team has worked with BetaDen’s cohorts for the past 4 years.

First of all, start-ups apply to the accelerator programme. The final selection is given bespoke access to BetaDen’s offering over a 9-month period.

BetaDen / Beta Den Worcestershire's Dynamic Launchpad for Tech Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Logo

Our role

Our specific role is to provide marketing support to help boost each start-up’s wider strategy. This involves dedicated consultancy calls to discuss requirements.

After the first phase, each cohort member has the opportunity to spend their budget with us to develop different aspects of their brand.

Here are a couple of examples of local Worcestershire businesses we have provided marketing support for recently…


Recently we have worked with ORNA on a LinkedIn messaging campaign to raise awareness of their new cyber incident response platform. 

ORNA has since raised over $1 million in seed funding for their new service, with amazing growth for their first year in business.


We have also previously worked with BlockMark Technologies, a software systems company that works in blockchain certification, accreditation and intellectual property security. 

We designed and built their website to their requirements. On top of this, it also involved populating their site SEO.


Moreover, we worked with Plinx – a systems company dedicated to hazard prevention within the construction industry.

We aided Plinx during their programme, building them a dynamic landing page design and generating leads via a LinkedIn outreach campaign. 

Previously, we worked with their founder on another project, so it was nice to touch base and work with them again.

Worcestershire Innovation Network

Worcestershire Innovation Network (WINN) is a business network dedicated to building a community for businesses to share ideas, grow and collaborate.

WINN has created a number of initiatives to help showcase innovation, build connections and boost growth. 

WINN / Worcestershire Innovation Network Logo / Working with Start-ups and Innovators

Our Role

BrandRefinery’s role with WINN is two-pronged…

1. Make It Happen Challenge

We have been sponsors for their Make It Happen Challenge since 2018.

MIHC is a local prize that entrepreneurs in the tech industry can apply to win for specialist funding and support.

£5k of funding support comes from the council, with an £11k package of bespoke mentorship sponsored by local vendors.

We’re WINN’s Digital Marketing Mentors, meaning that we hold 1-1 sessions with the winners, aiding them with their marketing requirements. 

We have provided marketing support for WINN’s last 3 challenges, working directly with the following winners…

Border in a Box

2019 Make It Happen winners – Border in a Box – are a start-up created by local entrepreneur, Nikki Hollier. The company offers a ready-made garden kit to grow a beautiful border in your garden.

BrandRefinery worked with Border in a Box to design their product packaging. We also aided them with their website and Google PPC advertising.

Penny and a Pearl

The winner of the 2020 Make It Happen was Penny and a Pearl. The brand offers beautiful DIY lingerie and sleepwear craft kits, that you can work on at home.

Our involvement with Penny and a Pearl was to help design the packaging for their sewing kits.

We also consulted with the team about potentially Crowdfunding the project based on our knowledge of the industry.

Sleeping Bubbles

The 2021 Tech winner of the Make It Happen was Paulo Jamece from Sleeping Bubbles.

Sleeping Bubbles is a glamping tent experience, offering a luxury hospitality experience whilst being environmentally conscious and mindful of the bubble’s surroundings.

Our team worked with Paulo to build him a dynamic website to showcase his different offerings and give a first port-of-call for new enquiries.

2. WINN LaunchPad

We are also involved in their new project: WINN LaunchPad. The LaunchPad is an accelerator where businesses can apply to join, receiving bespoke support to aid their business journey and boost their skillset.

Applicants attend 2 half mission days with inspiring industry experts and will further receive 6 hours’ worth of 1-1 support with their choice of mentors. 

As mentors, we provide 1-1 marketing support to a range of local business people to help refine their strategy and push their marketing in the right direction.

The Malvern Technology Network

The Malvern Technology Network (MTN) is an informal business network connecting technology and science entrepreneurs, businesses and enthusiasts in the Malvern area.

It is designed to bring together innovators from the area, spreading the word about new projects and building relationships with local businesses.

The MTN / The Malvern Technology Network Logo / Working with Tech Start-ups

Our role

Co-founded by BrandRefinery, the MTN creates connections between local entrepreneurs, investors and the technology community. Our first networking event took place in October 2021 at local business growth hub, Bloom.Space in Great Malvern. The network has now grown to nearly 100 members.

BrandRefinery have handled The MTN’s signage, event coordination, graphic design, database management and social outreach.

A better insight

Hopefully, this gives you a little overview of some of the organisations we regularly work with.

Start-ups are key to the circulation of our industry, you can’t become big without a bright idea and dedicated support to get you there. 

Take a look at some of our work here.

Start-up a conversation

BrandRefinery is a startup marketing agency based in Great Malvern. If you are interested in working with us at any stage of your business journey, please get in touch.