Do I license our product or manufacture it?

Ultimately, every product development reaches the point where the decision is made how the product will be developed, manufactured and marketed for the new product.

With the market appetite yet to be fully established, and key decisions on tooling, minimum order quantities and additional Marketing spend generally made on partial information. To help reduce this initial risk in product development we have developed a service to test the Market and generate confidence for our clients that there is a significant and tangible appetite for the product proposition, and therefore guide on how many initial samples are required to turn into orders.

Many start-ups, entrepreneurs and inventors are interested in facilitating and managing the process on their own, whilst many others would prefer to find a company to handle this process for them. Whichever route you choose, Brand Refinery can support you by providing the confidence that there is confirmed retail or licensee interest in your product before spending additional money on product development, protection or marketing.

This service can also help to clarify the initial pricing strategy, branding & packaging feedback and the product materials and features  selection. All of this feedback cane fed back into the development process to ensure that the product is improved and positioned correctly for the real launch.

Through our experience in bringing products to market, both in the UK and the US, Brand Refinery can add value to the direct promotion of your product to the target marketplace, by providing you with an informed understanding of the market response to your product proposition prior to investing in tooling or for instance, adding additional geographical Intellectual property protection, such as a US or foreign patents.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your product launch objectives, please get in touch.