Digital Marketing: a glossary of terms you need to know

Part Two: Digital Marketing Terms (E-O)

Digital marketing is continually growing and expanding, with so many new platforms and phrases to learn, but it is important to keep it accessible for everyone!

Whether you are founding your own business or have been in the digital marketing industry for years, there are always terms which are new to us

We have written a handy series of jargon buster posts, a glossary to provide the answers to all of your questions, so you can kick off your marketing career on the right foot. 

Feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it when you need some clarity! We’ve divided our glossary into alphabetical order as there’s lots to cover!

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e-Commerce is the process of buying and selling products and services over the internet.

Email marketing

Email marketing involves creating campaigns aimed at a specific database, sent via email in order to evoke a specific action or response. e.g. to encourage sales, send updates or provide more details.

Engagement Rate

This refers to the amount of engagement a campaign or site receives from visitors. 


The act of taking on a profit-led business venture which may present financial risks.


An enterprise is a profit-led business built on entrepreneurship.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a tracking code you can add to your site to collect data on browsing behaviours. It allows you to optimise your ad content based on your visitor data and target recurring customers with personalised ads. 

Funnel method

Many digital marketers use the funnel method in order to structure their digital marketing campaigns. The funnel is widest at the top, trying to promote a broad awareness of your brand. As the funnel gets smaller, your content directly engages with the reader, explaining exactly why they should be interested. At the bottom of the funnel your engaged readers will convert to loyal customers. Directed to your call to action they will hopefully complete your desired action.

Google Ads

Also called Google AdWords, Google Ads is an advertising platform, operated by Google, where advertisers can promote their brand using different advertising channels e.g. display, search and video ads.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online platform for advertisers to track and receive reports based on how their web traffic engages with their online content.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a Google tool which allows you to promote your business through channels such as Google Maps and Google Search allowing your customers to find and interact with your business in an online space.


Graphics refer to visual imagery which has been produced using computer processing techniques. Within Digital Marketing these could be photos, promotional content, animations, videos, diagrams, illustrations, posters and more.

Growth marketing

Growth marketing is a type of marketing which prioritises finding new ways to promote and expand your business, targeting new customers and generating more income. Growth marketers often prioritise analytics and test phases, seeking out the most effective techniques to engage with new audiences. 


HARO is an abbreviation for Help A Reporter Out. This is a press site which lets you tip reporters on topics which are relevant to their current research based on your expertise in that area. You can use HARO as a journalist or a source. More than 1 million sources have submitted to the site and over 75,000 journalists regularly access this platform.


A hashtag is identified by the hash symbol: (#). Hashtags are used on photo-sharing and blog sites so users can group their posts with other posts on a similar theme or topic. For example, #MothersDay or #DogsOfInstagram. Hashtags allow you to navigate your social platforms more smoothly, selecting a tag that is relevant to you. Hashtags can be used widely or can be individual to a specific group. E.g. a brand might use #TescoFinestRange2021 to categorise any content relating to their own brand, furthermore inviting others to share photos of their products too.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is a coding language used to manipulate and display pages in your web browser. It is a branch of the HTML5 family which also incorporates Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript which allow for further style, layout and interactive enhancement to your web page.


An impression refers to every instance in which a post is displayed but not necessarily clicked on. This metric can help to calculate your Click Through Rate, e.g. the percentage of ad impressions generating to clicks on your site.

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are calls to a business by potential clients interested to learn more. On the other hand, outbound calls are when a business reaches out to consumers directly. This is not always consented to beforehand e.g. cold calling.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is a marketing method involving drawing in consumers with engaging content and promotional material tailored to their needs.


Infographics are visual graphics displaying information, diagrams and data in an engaging and understandable way. For example, like the infographic below displaying the data Forbes found about utilising infographics in business marketing. You can find the article we used here.

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JavaScript is a standardised scripting language which allows the user to produce dynamic and interactive web designs.

Keyword research

Keyword research is an SEO technique which helps to analyse searching behaviours. By directing your SEO towards popular keywords and phrases you are able to target users that may find the answers to their search queries on your site. This can be useful for search advertising and competitor research.


Key Performance Indicators are specific goals to help evaluate success in different business areas.

Landing page

This is a web page designed for digital marketing campaigns, boosting traffic to complete a call-to-action e.g. Sign Up or Buy Now. Any info consumers might need is in one place to encourage people to purchase.


A lead is a someone who has shown an active interest in your product/service. Cost Per Lead refers to the average cost per generated lead.

Lead generation

This is the process of attracting potential customers to your brand, by encouraging a user to sign up to a mailing list or database, you will open up consent to further interactions, possibly leading to a qualified sale. Lead generation is an advertising technique to promote a campaign in order to gain interest and engagement from potential customers and hopefully acquire sales. The more leads the better your conversion rate.

Longtail keyword

A long-tail keyword refers to a specific long keyword or string of keywords which target a specific search query. They have a much lower search volume as they are more particular however meeting these search results is can be much more valuable. Long-tail keywords are great to target someone towards the end of their buyer’s journey, as they might have a specific set of final questions before consolidating a sale.

Lookalike audience

This is a useful tool when targeting an advertising campaign as you can generate an audience with similar interests and buying traits to your existing database or target audience.

Marketing automation

By utilising technology, a business can automate areas of their marketing strategy that are simple and repeatable in order to focus on other areas of their marketing method. For example this could include email automations based on where you are in the buyer’s journey or automated invoices. Single Automation Platforms are useful to manage all channels in one place, allowing streamlined working without lots of tiny individual tasks taking up time.

Meta Description

This is an attribute which allows the web developer to write a short snippet defining to a search engine or user what the web page content is about. Meta descriptions should be no longer than 155 characters and it is beneficial to include a few keywords to boost your SEO.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile Optimisation is the process of ensuring that your website and accessible to suit mobile and device users. This could include customising the mobile user experience to suit different screen dimensions or enlarging the user interface for easy interactions for example.


A newsfeed is the system in which a social media network will display relevant content to the user such as posts, events, photos, status updates or adverts. Your newsfeed will refresh and switch around your content based on how relevant it is and when it was posted. Accounts or profiles which you typically engage with the most are likely to appear at the top of the feed with all other content filtering down.

Open rate

This metric is used in email marketing to work out the percentage of opened emails. Metrics such as open rate and click rate are beneficial to determine the effectiveness of a specific email subject line and content.

Organic Marketing

A type of digital marketing which emphasises generating your web traffic naturally without paid advertising, sponsorships or deals. This could include SEO blogging, social media posts/updates and unpaid reviews.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls are when a business calls consumers directly in order to promote their product/service without prior interest from the recipient. Inbound calls refer to calls directly from potential customers who have seen your campaign and shown interest themselves.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound is a method of marketing where businesses directly reach out to consumers to drive interest to their service. Recipients have not usually confirmed that they’re interested. For example, this might be via cold calling or door-to-door selling.

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