Infographic – Successful Crowdfunding Launch Method

Every agency has their own tried and tested ways to create a crowdfunding campaign

With over 5 years experience we have created our very own method to give you the successful crowdfunding launch that you want. Our work is about aligning three core elements:


If something is too complicated or confusing, chances are the target audience won’t be able to understand the message you are trying to send across.


With no relevance, a crowdfunding campaign will become a flop. We make sure what you have to offer will resonate with your audience.


Who are you talking to and what about your brand is engaging? By finding interesting ways for you to say, do and act, we create sustainable relationships that you will be able to build upon, as your brand grows.

With these three elements combined, we offer to you our method for a successful crowdfunding launch:

Our method for successful a successful crowdfunding launch