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Three Great Crowdfunding Campaigns

This isn’t your normal run of the mill ‘top crowdfunding campaigns’. Oh no! We go into far more detail, looking at why they were successful and what they did that gained that extra push over everyone else. What you find may surprise you.   3: Oculus Rift [video width="640"...

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The Power of the Crowd In Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Basics & Models We are a marketing agency focused on launching products through crowdfunding. On a daily basis we find many people have heard of crowdfunding but don't know what it is. This blog is designed to help identify if crowdfunding is right for your business.   What...

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Crowdfunding Basics & Models

Crowdfunding Basics & Models Getting to Grips With The Basics Strictly defined, Crowdfunding is a method of acquiring money for a product or brand.   Crowdfunding has become hugely popular amongst the start-up fraternity. It allows entrepreneurs to receive payment for products they are yet to release. Thereby acting...

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The Promises and Problems with Crowdfunding

The Promises and Problems with Crowdfunding The Most Common Issues with Crowdfunding Campaigns – and How to Address Them   Crowdfunding has been around for a while, and the phenomenon is showing no signs of waning. In fact, the industry as a whole is set to double in...

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Can you launch a product without a giant budget?

Can you launch a product without a giant budget? We think you can, but plan carefully. While some product launch consultancy experts maintain that large piles of cash are integral to a successful product launch, others claim that going about it on a budget is utterly achievable. If...

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Crowdfunding 101 – What does it mean?

Crowdfunding 101 - What does it mean? Crowdfunding. It was one of 2014’s hottest buzzwords and remains one of 2015’s most lucrative business opportunities. Yet many Brits remain unenlightened as to what it is, how it works and whether or not it’s a worthwhile venture when...

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Veglo Commuter X4

Veglo Launches at the Cycle Show 2014

Veglo Launches at the Cycle Show 2014 We would like to say congratulations to our friends at Veglo who have achieved so much in the 6 short months since the successful conclusion of their Kickstarter campaign. They smashed their target by gaining a total of 120%...

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