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Transparency with Reward Crowdfunding

Maintaining transparency with reward crowdfunding isn't so much about having the best product or the most experience.  It's about expressing confidence in your own ability, while remaining grounded in reality.  It shows that you're comfortable with what you're presenting in your pitch.  To put it...

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The History of Crowdfunding

The History of Crowdfunding must be brief, surely. Many people believe that crowdfunding is a recent occurrence. This is because of the traction it has gained through the internet. But the history of crowdfunding stems hundreds of years into the past. Some of the greatest...

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Three Great Crowdfunding Campaigns

This isn’t your normal run of the mill ‘top crowdfunding campaigns’. Oh no! We go into far more detail, looking at why they were successful and what they did that gained that extra push over everyone else. What you find may surprise you.   3: Oculus Rift [video width="640"...

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