Top Tips to Build an Audience for your Crowdfunding Campaign

It is a common misconception that launching a crowdfunding campaign on a well-known platform such as Kickstarter or Indigogo will automatically promote your crowdfunding campaign

But with over 3000 projects currently live on Kickstarter, is not easy to get your project seen by potential backers. You need to build a database who are likely to back your project. It’s never to early to start promoting your crowdfunding campaign. The longer you have to build your audience the better. In our previous blog, we outlined our method for a Successful Crowdfunding Launch, which included the all-important pre-campaign planning stage.

The objective of this stage is to build-up a database of interested potential backers to support your project. To help you build an audience for your crowdfunding campaign, we have put together the following infographic:

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