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Colour in Branding – Colouring in the Blanks

The use of colour in branding seems like a no-brainer. Of course you need some sort of colour scheme for your branding. This is more a question of which colours should you use.  Better still: Which colours will be best suited for the company.   The colour spectrum,...

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Transparency with Reward Crowdfunding

Maintaining transparency with reward crowdfunding isn't so much about having the best product or the most experience.  It's about expressing confidence in your own ability, while remaining grounded in reality.  It shows that you're comfortable with what you're presenting in your pitch.  To put it...

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Uncovering your Audience with Search Marketing

Where's my Audience At?   Have you ever heard the phrase “You’re leaving money on the table”? As smug as it might sound, this would describe a business that doesn’t incorporate Search Marketing within their Campaign. It's a particularly useful practice for reaching your audience when they...

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