10 Social Media Product Launch Strategies

Go Social !

Social media has quickly emerged as one of today’s most valuable business tools and is pretty much guaranteed a spot on the list when discussing how to launch a product cost effectively but without sacrificing on impact. There are an estimated 1.19 billion active monthly Facebook users, more than 100 million active Instagram users and an approximate 284 million active monthly Twitter users.

Read on for a list of 10 different ways to use social media before, during and after the launch.

  1. Start off with a cross platform teaser campaign

    Nothing gets consumers fired up quite like a mysterious teaser campaign. The great thing about this technique is that because nobody knows exactly what you’re about to launch you’ll intrigue a much larger target audience. Use every social media platform at your disposal to create a teaser campaign that gets people talking!

  2. Create a mini video campaign

    Consumers love visuals and offering fans video tasters of what’s to come can be a galvanising pre-launch technique. Post them to channels such as Instagram video, Vine and YouTube.

  3. Design a hashtag

    While hashtags are conventionally associated with Twitter today they extend to almost every social media channel. They are fantastic way to create excitement, drum up a following and help your product launch go viral!

  4. Run a competition

    Whether used before, during or after a product launch social media competitions are a sure-fire way to boost consumer engagement.

  5. Create shareable content

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to expand your target audience is to create shareable content. When a follower shares one of your posts it is the broadcasted to their wider network. If one of their followers shares the same post your content will reach an even larger audience and so on. This is how things go viral!

  6. Embed links

    Make sure you reach every member of your following by using links wherever possible. For example if you post a video to your YouTube account let your Facebook followers know by updating your status with a link to the page.

  7. Establish a founders list

    Help fans and followers stay in the loop by establishing a founders list that allows them to sign on for up-to-the-minute news and information.

  8. Offer behind the scenes insight
  9. Give your social media followers a VIP experience by treating them to exclusive behind the scenes content that is only available via your social media channels. Think videos, pictures and interesting statistics.

  10. Update your accounts with the product’s current status

    Let followers know where you’re at by updating your accounts as your product progresses. Use headings such as ‘coming soon’ or ‘just arrived’ to foster excitement.

  11. Settle on a brand voice

    Embedding every post with an underlying brand voice is an incredibly important part of developing a winning social media strategy. According to the experts the most effective brand voices are inherently personal which means it’s important to adopt a persona that your followers can relate to. Remember to maintain a consistent style, tone and attitude.

Using these 10 insider tips you can empower yourself with the skills and knowledge to fashion a product launch strategy that creates a buzz. Want to know more ? Then please contact us for more information.

Buzzword Bingo: Social Media” by Ron Mader is licensed under CC BY 2.0